KA FIREARMS has a Goal to Produce the Most Accurate, Reliable and Functional Rifles We Can and Offer Custom Rifle Building, Re Barreling Custom or Factory Rifles. We also Offer Action Truing, Glass Bedding, Firearm Coating, Muzzle Brake Installs, Suppressor Threading and a variety of other Gunsmithing Services.  Our Completion Times on Rifle Builds and Re Barrel work generally fall in the 4-6 week range if all parts are available.

We are a Dealer for Stiller and Defiance Actions and use the following Factory Actions Remington, Sako, Tikka, Savage, Winchester and Ruger.  All Parts Will be Paid up Front and Labor Will be paid at the Time the Work is Complete. ND residents are subject to 5% sales tax on parts.

 The Barrels we recommend to our Customers are Brux, Bartlein, Benchmark, Shilen, Krieger, Hart, and Hawk Hill.  If you have any questions call (701) 740-9467.  
We look forward to working with you on your project and want to help you achieve your goals and References are Available on Request. 


Basic Price list.

Fit Barrel, Chamber, Crown & Basic Test Fire $250. Actions that Require Barrel Extractor Cut such as Winchester Pre 64 and Kimber add $150. These Prices do not include the price of the barrel. 

Action Truing $175

Glass Bedding & Free Floating Barrel with basic in-letting stock for barrel $125. For major in-letting stock to fit barrel $175. 

Bead Blasting Barrel $45.

Reamer Fee for non in stock reamers $150 option to buy reamer $200

Muzzle Brake install $125 + the cost of the Muzzle Brake.

Wyatt's Magazine Box install On Remington 700 Action $150 Including Magazine Box. 

Suppressor Threading $125

Shop rate for work not listed above is $60 an hour + parts.

Custom Rifle Building